Savez-vous que vous pouvez ajouter la torsion sur votre machine de traction 5900?

Torsion Add-On

Simulate Real-World Use of Your Product

Functional testing is all about simulating real-world use of your product. Many consumer products, especially packaging for pharmaceuticals, food, makeup, etc. are subjected to simple multi-axis loading.

Speed-Up Product Development

When it comes to developing new products in the medical device or electronics industry, insuring product durability under biaxial loading is crucial. Many companies isolate axial-only and torsional-only testing. However, by combining both tests, laboratories can decrease test time and speed up the product development process.

Free-Up Lab Benchtop Space

Benchtop space is desirable real estate for many laboratories. Laboratories that perform both axial-only and torsional-only tests on two separate machines can save laboratory space by adding torsion capabilities to their traditionally axial-only machine.